some days my soul is so quiet
she can’t even hear herself

she tip toes through my veins
silent and listless
making a mockery
of the beating
that dances within my heart

some days
my soul is just an echo
a mystery
and i find myself searching for her
like an old friend
who used to bring me comfort
but no longer answers my call

Spring carries my sadness in her blooms
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Cloudburst of Eroticism

The water runs over my head, hot, stinging,
enveloping my skin with it’s warmth.

My body wakes to the touch of the water.
I feel the blood flowing through my scalp,
my hands, my face, my thighs and feet.
The heat of the water soaks into the tiles
and cups my buttocks with gentle, insistent pressure.

The embrace of the water reminds me of you
and how your touch radiates such heat and security
inside of me.
Remembering you,
wrapping your strong arms around me,
encircling me with your love and warmth,
I wish we never had to part.

Thinking of you heats my blood a new way,
and the rising warmth of the shower
matches the growing heat of my body.
I imagine the touch of your hands
gliding down my cheek, my neck, my chest,
as the flow of the water streams down my breasts.

Shutting my eyes, leaning my head into the
insistent rhythm of the water,
I remember the feel of your flesh against mine,
and my hands recreate for my body
what my mind is re living,
while the water softly pulsates me as you have done
throughout nights just past.

And while I am caught up in this rapture,
flung upward in a flood of memory and new sensation
of your hands sliding around my waist,
I remember you pulling my body towards your mouth
the heat of your tongue overpowering the waters warmth.

I remember exactly the way you pressed against my warm washed body
dream and memories merge,
sending me flying once more into the joy of our passion,
while all around the water splashes,
and the steam softly obscures the features of the room,

until only wet flesh and heated memories remain.


the stories he told
every time his fingers
traced patterns on my body
filled my mind
with enough fairy tales
to last a life time

the broken things are never put back the way they once were


you understand now
that i don’t belong to you

you let me slip through
the spaces between your fingers
and didn’t bother to help me
when i shattered on the floor

you expected me to still be there
waiting for you to mend my pieces
wanting your hands
to mesh me together

but you see
it’s done now
i don’t need you or anyone
to stand myself up again

this time
i belong to no man

i belong to only me

and maybe with time
a few will get lucky
as i will let them
run their gentle hands
across my broken pieces

but it will be momentary
because from now
i will be the one deciding
when to slip away

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he was more tender than most

but eventually i realized
he sang the same 
i had heard time and again

i am too romantic

i bruise more than most

and i was left reeling
and spinning
until i fell to my knees

and he bled me out

in the most beautiful way
a prey could be slaughtered


i want to
be so swept up
into you
that our mangled
leftover parts,
the pieces stitched
onto broken skin,
the soft
fragile remnants
that we beg
to hold ourselves
can crumble
to the floor
in one fell swoop

i want my
wreckage to
with yours



late at night
when you talk to me
in hushed tones
and we bear our souls
i feel your voice
unraveling a story
within my bones

it weaves through
my rib cage
like a winnowy ribbon

i feel it braiding
and winding itself
straight up into
my heart

this story
is writing itself
as it twists and turns
throughout my insides

it lifts the breath
from my lungs
until the only words
i can speak are
your name

it took 38 years to be able to write this

i wish i could write
effigies of my mother

beautiful words of fondness
and adoration

i would tell of a woman
full of both strength and softness
wit and songs

that she taught me to read
when i was only 3
and helped me to know
all the names of every tree
in the forest by sight
before i even started school

i would let you see the pure joy
that lit up her face
when she was riding her horse
as she would turn backwards
to look at me trailing behind on mine

she was beautiful
ravishing to most

she was many things…
this woman from whom I came

but i haven’t been able to
for all my years as a poet
because inside of me
is a dilemna

how would I hide the rage
of her bipolar highs and lows
or the bruises on my little
white arms and hands
for not being perfect enough?

how could i leave out
stories of how i earned
the wounds buried
underneath my skin
wrapped so deeply inside of me
it clings to my DNA

"nobody will ever love you"
"i wish you were never born"
"you’re just a mistake"
these words chant inside my head
long after she stopped saying them

for decades
i have dug deep inside
to tear out the parts of her
from my veins that
broke me before i had a chance
to break myself

she was many things,
this woman from whom I came

many beautiful,
and tragic



in those moments
when your heart
is aching
from emptiness,
and you feel the echos
reverberating across
it’s hallowed walls
as it remembers
my name and how i
once broke myself
into pieces
just to fill
your empty spaces,
do you finally
realize that
you were the
broken one,
empty and
and i was the one
holding everything
together inside of you?

my heart has moved on
but yours will always
have a gaping cavity
with my name
etched inside


i want to write out
our brief history
every aching detail

and word by word
press delete

just like that

one button
and all the pain
and tragedy
and ghosts that
follow me
are gone


he was more tender than most

but eventually i realized
he sang the same 
i had heard time and again

i am too romantic

i bruise more than most

and i was left reeling
and spinning
until i fell to my knees

and he bled me out

in the most beautiful way
a prey could be slaughtered

dangerous girl

i’ve been called
by many men

not because
you might find me
in the arms of another
and not because
i will leave suddenly
for no reason

no, i am not the kind
that will break your heart
to be sewn together
by someone else’s hands

i am the kind that will
love you so fiercely
you will feel dizzy
when you think of me

and i’m the girl that will
kiss you like a hurricane
when you are
needing a little crazy
and i will fly to you
like a butterfly
soft and tender
when you need
to cry

i will be beside you
when no one else will

and when you leave me-
you will because
that’s how it goes
in this life-
because all things
come to an end,

i will be the one
you remember on crazy nights
when you’re skin to skin
with another that doesn’t
dig her nails in quite right

and i will be the one
you will think of when
your heart is bending
and needing tenderness

and when you are older
and someone asks you
about the times
you were most happy,
you will realize i am
the woman that threaded
your smiles together
so delicately

no love,
i am not dangerous
because i will hurt you
when we are together

i am dangerous
because i will be
the one
you let get away

tonight a beautiful man
confessed he is in love with me
   and all i could do was cry

then he held me softly
as the tears fell without want

not the reaction he expected
or wanted

and all i could think is…
no person should be
this broken